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Custom Photo (or Art) Tide Clocks Form


Important / Please Note: A proof will be sent via email, please check your email within 48 hours to ensure timely production of your custom tide clock.

We do not ship until we receive your approval. Please allow one week after approval for shipping.

Contact us for rush orders.

Mailing address for tide clock

Please upload your high resolution image using the link below or email it to

The ideal size is 7 inches on its shortest side at 300 pixels per inch to give us some wiggle room.

Upload File

Thank you for submitting, we'll have a mock up for you soon, keep an eye on your email.

About our tide clocks

A tide clock is a “user-friendly” version of the tide calendar. One hand tells you immediately where the tide is right now and which direction it’s going. Some clocks only show you when the tide is high, low or in-between but ours will show you 1 or 2 hours before, 1 or 2 hours after, half way past low to high etc. Planning a walk, boating or just fun on the ocean is now made simple. 

The tide clock is based on the moon cycle, which is 24 hours and 50 minutes. In that time there are 2 high tides and 2 low tides. The average time between the high tides is 12 hours and 25 minutes.

The wooden frame is 6 7/8 inches square and 1 7/8 inches deep. It stands securely on a shelf or mantle or can be hung on the wall. Instructions are included for setting it for your local tide.

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